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FBCA Workers:

Gabe and Sada

Status: On-Field
Serving in: Sierra Leone
Personal Note:
We have been married for 11 years and have 3 beautiful boys! We feel called to serve where our home church is invested. Our church(FBCA) has been working in West Africa and took a vision trip to Sierra Leone in 2008. Within 6 months, we moved to Sierra Leone following our church's call in April of 2009 to serve a nation and people recovering from civil war. We helped begin a new ministry and build relationships. Gabriel is a dentist and Sada is a nurse. We partner with Restore Hope in the Health ministries here in Sierra Leone and work at the Hope Center in which there is a dental clinic(among other ministries) that serves the dental needs of the country, this opens up for us opportunities to also share the love of Jesus not only through dental care but also through devotionals, prayer, and being exposed to listening/watching media that contains audio bibles/storytelling/Jesus film in their language, this while in the waiting room.
We also partner with local church planters in taking the Gospel to the unreached people/areas of Sierra Leone through efforts of training, discipling and encouragement. There is still a great need in the most remote areas of this country for people to listen to the story of Jesus for the first time as well as the need for disciple making.
If you would like to learn more about our ministry in Sierra Leone or how to pray for us or support us, please contact us at

Thank you for interest in our family and ministry among the people of Sierra Leone.
God bless you.

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Off to Sierra Leone!
Gabe and Sada Herrera said...
3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 6 days ago
We are headed back to Sierra Leone this week! It has been quite a journey. We have been adding ministry partners, sharing with people our needs both financially and physically. Thank to all our old and new supporters! We couldn't do this without you! God has been so good to us.
To our surprise Levi needed kidney surgery that couldn't wait. It was an 8-10 week process, however, in the midst we saw God's hands at work. We had his final check up this week and the doctor told us that he was pleased with the surgery and his kidney looked good. We will just need some labs and routine follow up!
Gabe and I had a chance to go to a much needed retreat. This retreat was needed in so many ways and it was a blessing to us. It was a time to get away from the noise and really hear God's voice that seemed to be quiet for so long. God very clearly reminded me that He has hemmed us in. "You hemmed me in-behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me." Psalm 139:5. I was looking at the mountains in CO and almost immediately closed my eyes and thought of the mountains in Sierra Leone and how our home is surrounded by them. It was a great reminder that God is surrounding our family. We also had a chance to visit our families who are scattered in two different countries.
We want to say thank you one more time for your support and love to our family and ministry, we look forward with joy as we return to Sierra Leone and continue serving in the place where God called us.
How can supporters pray for you?
Gabe and Sada Herrera said...
4 years, 6 days ago
Greetings from Sierra Leone!
At this moment we are in real need of financial support through monthly giving, we are in need of raising extra $3,500 to complete our 100% monthly budget in order to continue with the ministry in Sierra Leone. We want to invite you to pray and consider to join us as we join God in His work here, your monthly financial support will enable our family to continue in Sierra Leone by serving the physical and spiritual needs of the people with the love of Jesus. As well as continuing the partnerships and efforts with local church planters in bringing the Gospel to the unreached areas of Sierra Leone.
If you want to learn more about how to support us please contact us at:
We would love to hear from you and keep you updated on the needs and opportunities of the ministry here.

Please pray for our family as we continue our work here for the next couple of months and also as we prepare to return Stateside in the next few months to meet our fundraising goals to continue the work in Sierra Leone for more years to come.
thank you and God bless you,

Herrera family.
What is your daily routine like?
Gabe and Sada Herrera said...
5 years, 2 months, 1 week ago
Little People

Isaiah and Lucas are having a good time. They really are a joy to our family and they add so much life and character to each day. I have enjoyed watching them be creative, read books, play alongside and with each other as well as tenderness and care for Levi. Isaiah is a great helper. He LOVES to clean, so much so that he emptied the soap in their bathroom to wash the stairs, so they would be “shiny”! Isaiah has been learning how to read in between playing with sand and making houses and helping me wash dishes and cook. Lucas loves to “read” books and loves to come and sit on my lap and listen to a good story as well as tell a good story complete with details and animated facial expressions! Lucas brings me lots of flowers from our yard! (We only have two kinds to choose from but each day I get a special delivery). They are even trying to speak in Krio! Levi is growing…crawling and trying to stand up, I want to tell him to slow down a bit! Levi is struggling with Eczema/Allergies (itchy skin) similar to Lucas’s skin condition. We cannot tell that he is actually allergic to anything in particular and this makes it even harder to manage. This has been a challenge for us because there is no one here to officially diagnose nor prescribe medications that might help. We have tried several different lotions and an oral medication, but even this does not seem to be making a huge difference. When he is not itchy, he is a happy baby. Although we are grateful that his skin is not as severe as Lucas but the patches are all over his body versus being concentrated in one area. He has a great smile and a loud laugh, he loves when you open the door to go outside! We are grateful for our three sweet boys.

Please join us in praying for our boys as they are beginning to meet neighbors and make friends. They are very social and ready to interact with others on a more consistent basis. Please pray with us for Levi’s skin. Pray for Lucas’s as well, he is still sensitive in the bends of the legs/arms and armpits. Please pray for quality time with the kids and that they will learn to follow the Lord as we do with servant hearts.
How can we pray for the people group you minister to?
Gabe and Sada Herrera said...
5 years, 2 months, 1 week ago
Stories from the South

Last month Gabriel had a chance to go to the Bonthe Island with Pastor Arthur. They had a good time of sharing the Jesus film and Bible stories. In the south there is a major stronghold of the enemy and false gods. The people need Jesus and the freedom and redemption that He offers. Where Gabriel went it is a very difficult place to live as well as difficult to reach. Once you leave the mainland you have to take 2-3 boats depending on where in the islands you are going. These are fishing villages…lots of sand and very little vegetation. Goods must be brought in by boat like rice, pepper, palm oil, and onions. Daily life is a struggle and they rely on drying/smoking small fish to sell in order to buy goods. Gabriel and Pastor Arthur had a chance to share the Jesus film with a village. The villagers had been hearing Bible stories, however, Arthur had been longing to share with them the Jesus film. It left the people with questions and comments after they had seen the film. They saw it in their own language and they couldn’t believe it! Pastor Arthur has been traveling to these villages for some time because God has called him to minister and share the Gospel with all people, but specifically the Sherbro people. Please pray for him and his ministry as he plants seeds among one of the unreached people groups of Sierra Leone.